There are five possible apprentices in The Jedi Masters.

You can gain the ability to train them by folowing your own training with either Freedon Nadd or Ulic Qel-Droma.

You may only pick one male and one female.

Here are possible apprentices and their locations :

  • Thassk: fighting drunk rodians near the market square of Etti IV
  • Boran: Your ship's pilot
  • Gellen: Find a worried deveronian by the Etti docks. Use to coordinates he gives you to find Gellen aboard his wrecked ship.
  • Lolma: Find her in the reactor module of M4-78-B
  • Rimi Sunrider: Is taken prisoner by your crew when you find Revan. Find her in the cage aboard your ship. If you are light sided, you will need to complete Vima Sunrider's quest to recruit her.
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