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Bastila Shan is a former Jedi Master and a political dignitary to Telos. She was the representative of the Republic during the Onderon meeting at the beginning of the game, and is accompanied by her bodyguard, Mira. Bastila can be recruited to the party after going to Telos and finding her in the far northeast corner of the Telosian Village, past the forcefields and Screamers.

She has an optional quest where, after finding Revan and enlisting him into your party, you can confront a man named Durden. To get this quest, progress through Bastila's dialogue until she begins talking about the would-be suitor, and then have both of them in your party when you go to Telos. Durden can be found near the Mayor's office, next to the merchants.

Location on the Eagle:[]

Bastila, along with Mira and two Republic soldiers, can be found in the back of the south wing of the ship (the three rooms with ramps), to the left of the room where the prison cell and Shadow stands.


  • She is married to General Revan, although it is still implied she kept her maiden name of Shan.
  • Her bodyguard, Mira, is one of the Jedi Masters you need to find for the main quest.
  • Both Bastila and Mira have been playable characters in previous, official installments of KoTOR.