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List of Bugs in The Jedi masters mod

Please Write down any type of Bugs/Glitches You come across.

In general, there are many instances in dialogue, where the wrong voiceover is used.

There are also instances where cutscenes skip as well as dialog being skipped.


  1. Tomb of Freedon Nadd After finishing your training and speaking with freedon nadd before your escape from tomb will cause a game breaking bug when you save and reload that makes you unable to escape the tomb.. solution save before Speaking with Freedon nadd after completing Tomb trials
  2. Camera out of focus when reaching the eagle for the first time with tsig
  3. When the main character listens after finding the ship, the camera is shown underneath the map.


  1. Side Quest -Etti: A fake is still worth something is Bugged. Guard droids cannot be destroyed no solution But quest still can be completed.. recommend to rush footlocker to get fake holocron or to Sneak in with stealth to not disturbed Droids.

2. The quest to remove Kannos' people that are in the way of him taking his job back can be easily skipped by running through the guards blocking the entrance to the office.

Rhen Var[]

  1. You can no longer head back to the ship after completing all of the trails given by Ulic Qel-Droma. When at the shuttle and selecting the option to return to the ship, a black screen appears, only able to move the mouse. No loading screen appears.

2. There is no battle with the Jedi Masters and the Sith before Kannos reveals his deception.

3. You're unable to create a lightsaber as per Qel-Droma's request if you've already begun training under Freedon Nadd.


side Quest- investigating Supreme Chancellor Cressa for Shenna Rand. Can't Warp to the slums. solution: the module file name is wrong, Go into modules folder and Rename File 977kor to 977cor and should work correctly now. Note: only happens when using DOWNLOAD INSTALLER for mod. if your MANUALLY installing the game, the side quest should work correctly.


  1. Side quest - stealing HK pacifist package for thieves cannot be completed. only solution: is to glitch into the door and grab the package. (look online how to use glitch)
  2. Side quest- Czerka Quest involving a fortune teller Droid a droid that can predict future is Bugged. can only be completed by using Dark side choice.