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This article contains spoilers to the game!

The Jedi Masters Mod has several bugs which can differently affect the game. This article is dedicated to all the bugs found by the community and possible solutions to fix them. If you came across the bug which IS NOT listed there, please add the information about it!

General Bugs[]

  • Wrong Voiceover: In some dialogues characters don't say the words of the subtitles and instead say something else
    • No solution
    • Bugged characters:
      • Kreia
      • Bastila Shan
  • Shuttle removes the companions: Sometimes an attempt to leave a planet results in the removal of companions. The player remains on a planet.
    • Solution: try to leave a planet a second time.
  • Kannos Dialogue Skip: In general Kannos skips his dialogues before ending them
    • No solution
  • Cutscene Skips: After installing the mod all the dialogues (including the dialogues from custscenes and interractions with other characters) will skip themselves. Furthermore, restarting the game can't fix it.
    • Solution (for Steam users): go to your game library, find KOTOR II icon, right-click on it, choose "System" option. In the menu go to the "Beta-Versions" and choose "legacypc" in the "Beta-test" line
    • Solution (for other versions): No solution/Unknown
  • General Game Crushes: With some chance the game can crush (during battles, cutscenes etc.)
    • No solution
    • It's recommended to make as much saves as possible to restore your lost progress
  • Unopenable Doors: Throughout the game the player can meet the doors which can't be opened (neither through skill check or breaking them)
    • No solution
  • Glitched Location Entrances: Sometimes while trying to go to the other location the player just passes through the entrance
    • Solution: Move your camera until you will see the icon of the location. Go forward and you will go to the needed location
  • "Drunk" Camera: There are several moments and cutscenes when the camera goes nuts and shows characters from the wrong angle
    • On Dxun:
      • Camera out of focus when reaching the Eagle for the first time with Tsig
      • When the main character listens after finding the ship, the camera shows characters from underneath the map.
    • In Doctor's penthouse on Corusant the camera often go through the walls.
  • No Companion Change: In the open world the game doesn't let the player to change companions
    • No solution.
    • The player must go back to their ship and re-enter the location in order to change his companions.
    • It's probably intended by the mod creator.
  • Infinite Light Side points:
    • You can give an X-Boost to the plague victims infinite times to get Light Side points.
  • Infinite EXP Dialogues: There are several moments in the game where you can speak to the character infinite number of times and choose the dialogue options which give you EXP
    • Bugged characters:
      • Tsig (when doing her questline)
  • Dialogues With Disappearing Characters: When you speak with a character that must disappear after interraction they stay for some seconds. The player can interract with a character one more time, but the dialogue will immediately end when this character disappears
    • The dialogue words will stay on the screen
    • Solution: leave the location
  • Buggy custcenes: Sometimes custcenes may not display correctly (camera and NPC behaviour may break), especially if you skip dialogues before them too fast. Fortunately, it doesn't lead to softocks.
  • Cutscene Replay: When loading a save file in certain locations the game replays its cutscene as if the player entered the location for the first time
    • No solution
    • Bugged locations:
      • Player's Ship
      • Nemesis (D'arth Syyth Ship)
  • No quest title and description: The quest leading to the "Revan's last known location" has no title and description.
  • Double Force Scream Upgrade Tree: there are 2 upgrade trees for the Force Scream power. They have no difference and don't stack.
  • Creepy Tsig: In some parts of the game Tsig will lose her model and there will be only her eyes and mouth instead.
    • No solution
  • Several Apprentices: If the player tries to teach more than two apprentices (Boran, Thassk, Lolma, Gellen, Rimi), they all will be in one companion slot.
    • Sometimes (even if you teach only two of them) the first apprentice just "deletes" the second (or vice versa) and it's not possible to choose the second apprentice at all. Known bugged pairs: Lolma-Gellen.
    • Solution: teach only two apprentices and save before teaching them to restore the progress and not lose any companion slot.
  • Jedi/Sith prestige class crash
    • The game crashes when trying to get the second prestige class. You can get a prestige class by doing questlines of Ulic Qel-Droma or Freedon Nadd.
      • Solution: complete only one questline.
  • Broken Lightsabers: Some lightsabers (specifically the lightsabers of the characters: Rimi's, Revan's etc.) in the upgrade menu don't have colour crystals. If the player tries to change the crystal, the game will crash
    • No solution
    • Be careful when upgrading the lightsabers of your companions.
  • T-Pose: Some companions in the information menu are T-Posing
    • No solution
    • This bug appears due to the absence of character animations.
    • Bugged characters:
      • Ootataa
      • Nihilus
    • Note: some enemies are also T-Posing until you get close to them.
  • Passive enemies: Some enemies don't attack the player until they are hit. They still count as hostile, the companions will attack them.
    • Solution: hit an enemy to begin the battle or use any power on them.
  • Broken skyboxes: Skyboxes on several location are not displayed correctly.
    • No solution
  • Map bugs:
    • Some locations don't have any map, there is a bunch of question marks instead.
    • Some locations don't fit with their maps. The player goes outside the map.
    • There is no map on Korriban start location
      • No solution
  • Rimi Doesn't Follow: Sometimes Rimi stops following the player and stands in one place
    • Solution: Try to change to solo mode and back to the group mode. Also try to push Rimi wit other characters
  • Overheal HP: Some enemies' HP gets beyond their HP bar. They are still beatable. Known enemies: "Flesh" in the Freedon Nadd's tomb and Snow Kath Alpha on Rhen Var.
  • Phantom Mines: Some mines explode even though the player doesn't step in the radius of the mine
    • No solution

Black Screen bugs[]

There are several moments in the game which result in black screen.

  • Sometimes it is still possible to move your characters and interact with the world and game menu
  • There's no complete solution to this problem but It's recommended to make as much saves as possible to restore your progress.
  • Shuttle Cutscene:
    • When trying to leave a planet the cutscene of the shuttle leaving the Eagle will play (one or several times). After that the black screen appears.
      • The only solution is to make a save before landing on the planet and load it if black screen appears.
  • Dxun (going back to meet Freedon Nadd):
    • When trying to leave Freedon Nadd's Tomb and return to the Eagle, black screen appears, only able to move the mouse. No loading screen appears.
      • The only solution is to make a save before landing on the planet and load it if black screen appears.
      • The same bug can appear randomly when trying to land different planets. It's highly recommended to save before any landing.
  • Rhen Var:
    • You can no longer head back to the ship after completing all of the trails given by Ulic Qel-Droma. When at the shuttle and selecting the option to return to the ship, the black screen appears, only able to move the mouse. No loading screen appears.
      • The only solution is to make a save before landing on the planet and load it if black screen appears.
  • Coruscant
    • "Coruscant: Investigating Cressa" bug: after warping to the slums when trying to enter a location "Slums" in small round corridor the black screen appears. Technically, the Slums in this quest and the Slums in the open world are 2 different locations. This bug does not appear in the open world Slums.
      • Solution: you need to load your save file and continue the quest. It does not require going to the coridor.
  • "The Final Battle" Quest:
    • Coruscant
      • Talking to the second Republic Soldier at the start location results in a wrong cutscene and then in the black screen.
        • Solution: do not talk to this soldier, he is not required in the quest.
    • Nemesis (D'arth Syyth Ship)
      • After boarding the Nemesis with Revan and Bastilla the black screen appears when trying to save and load there.
        • Solution: complete this segment till the changing of the character and save there.
      • When playing as the Doctor during final battle and trying to go to the "Engine Deck" location (through the door requiring security skill) the black screen appears
        • Solution: you need to load your save file and go to another door (in the right side of the corridor).

Czerka Passenger Ferry (start location)[]

  • Training Remote droids appear only if you open Training Remote Containers using Security skill.


  • Double start dialogue: An attempt to speak with Queen Talia shortly after the cutscene will trigger it again for a moment. The phrases from the cutscene will remain on the screen until the player changes the location.
  • Weird NPC behaviour: The NPC behaviour may break for some reason. For example, Shadow may not fight and Mira may stand near the entrance.


  • Tough Enemies: The Enemies from Dxun are hard to kill
    • Technically it's not a bug as the Dxun enemies are supposed to be killed by the high level characters in the original KOTOR II
    • It's recommended to make the game difficulty low while going through Dxun
  • Inescapable Tomb: After finishing your training and speaking with Freedon Nadd before your escape from tomb will cause a game breaking bug when you save and reload. That makes you unable to escape the tomb
    • Solution: save before Speaking with Freedon Nadd after completing Tomb trials

Player's Ship[]

  • Infinite Rimis: After finishing the quest of Vima Sunrider she will appear near to the cage where Rimi was locked. Re-entering the ship (including reloading of save files) will spawn Rimi's clone on her place and another clone - in the cage. The further re-entering will spawn another clone nearby.
    • No solution
    • It's unknown if Rimis can break the game. Nevertheless it's techincally possible for them to block the entrances to the right side of the ship
    • The player can interract with the clones as if it were actual Rimi
    • The bug appears after both the Dark Side and the Light Side paths of the quest
  • Kreia Disappears: Kreia is nowhere to be found on the ship despite the fact that cameras show her in the Cargo Storage
    • No solution
  • Boran Coruscant Teleport: When playing as the female Doctor and talking with Boran, it's possible to date with him in Coruscant Cantina even before finding Revan. If Doctor convinces Boran to go to her penthouse, it will be possible to leave the location and then appear in the Market Street of the Coruscant.
    • Note: it is impossible to date Shadow after dating Boran. Shadow will act like he has already been in the penthouse. (Dating both Tsig and Shenna Rand as male character is still possible)

Etti IV[]

  • Resurgent Twi'Lek (Infinite Dark Side points)
    • If you save an enslaved Twi'lek in apartments, force her to go to the Eagle, and then kill her on the ship, she will respawn when you re-enter it. This way you can get infinite amount of Dark Side points.
  • "Etti: A Fake Is Still Worth Something" Bug: Guard droids cannot be destroyed
    • No solution
    • The quest still can be completed. It is recommended to rush footlocker to get fake holocron or to sneak in with stealth to not disturbed Droids
  • "Etti: Dirty Hands" Bug: The quest can be easily skipped by running through the guards blocking the entrance to the office.
    • It is not recommended to do so as it will cause softlocks in the future quests.
  • Meetra Becomes Tsig: After helping Meetra (The Exile) with Freedon Nadd's cultists instead of her appearing on the Player's Ship there will be another Tsig
    • No solution/Unknown

Rhen Var[]

  • There is no battle with the Jedi Masters and the Sith before Kannos reveals his deception.
  • Lightsaber Bug: You're unable to create a lightsaber as per Qel-Droma's request if you've already begun training under Freedon Nadd.
    • No solution


"Coruscant: Investigating Cressa" Bugs:[]

  • Can't Warp to the Slums while talking with Shenna Rand.
    • Solution: the module file name is wrong, Go into modules folder and rename file "977kor" to "977cor". Then it should work correctly now.
    • Note: only happens when using DOWNLOAD INSTALLER for mod. if your MANUALLY installing the game, the side quest should work correctly.
  • During this quest you are not able to loot HK-1000 because of the cutscene and warp from the location. The remains of HK-1000 contain 2 purple lightsabers.
    • No solution.
  • HK-1000 does not count as a droid, being invulnurable to the "Stun Droid" power and its upgrades. Instead, he is affected by all the powers against organic targets like "Slow" or "Stun".
    • It might be intended by the mod creator.
  • HK-47 Bug: After the battle with HK-1000 in "Coruscant: Investigating Cressa" quest if you select HK-47 as a companion he will have the antennas of HK-1000
    • Solution: Wait for the warp from the location

"The Final Battle" Bugs:[]

  • Sewers:
    • After activating the HK Control Terminal the loading screen appears and then the game crashes.
      • Solution: save before activation of the terminal
    • If the player saves the game in the Sewers and tries to reload the save file, the dialogue between HK and Conderous replays once more
      • If after the dialogue Conderous spawns in the door, the game will crash
      • If after the dialogue the game doesn't crash, the player will be able to control Conderous only. The player won't be able to move the character
      • If Conderous spawns behind the doors (in the locked corridor), this will result in a softlock
        • Solution: reload the game (it's recommended to reload the save file before Meetra defeats D'arth Kilorme)
  • Start location:
    • Saving the first Republic Soldier from the screamer and trying to talk to him will summon the screamer again. If you save and reload, the dialogue will start automatically and also spawn the screamer.
      • Solution: let the screamer kill the first soldier.


  • Main quest softlock: if the player runs out of scrambler cards, HK-47 gives another 5 for 5000 credits but this completely doesn't work. The player doesn't lose any money but also doesn't receive any cards. The only solution there is to save before using the cards in case not to waste the first 5.
  • "M478: Robbing A Pacifist" Bug: Cannot be completed.
    • Solution: glitch into the door and grab the package. Look online how to use glitch.
    • These links can help: one and two
    • Also for some reason the player cannot speak to the Protos near HK-57 - the game starts dialogue with the Protos in other room. Cannot be solved, but this very Protos is not needed in any quest.
  • "M478: Droid" Bug: Can only be completed by using Dark Side choice.

Revan's Last Known Location[]

  • Blinking Interface: When the player appears in the location, the interface (HP bars and Force Bars) will start to blink
    • Solution: finish the location
  • No Force Points Regeneration: The player cannot regenerate Force Points
    • Solution: finish the location
  • Can't Use Force Powers: The Player can't use the Force
    • Solution: finish the location
    • Sometimes it's still possible to use the Force. The player needs to click on the icon of the Force Power rapidly to make character use the ability.


  • Rancor has its 2 claws in the remains. The claws have only technical name and description and also have a droid texture. The player can equip them as a weapon but they are not seen in his hands.


  • Thon's animation is broken
    • No solution
  • If you choose to kill all the Iridonians, some of them will not attack you
    • They are: Trader, wounded soldiers, one of the medical assistants and all the Iridonians outside the base
    • No solution

Ending bugs[]

  • Starting the questline of Ulic Qel-Droma completely prevents the player from getting the Dark Side endings.
    • Note: the bug will appear even if the Freedon Nadd's quests are completed.
      • Solution: do not start the questline if you are targeting ending 2 or 3.

Gallery of Bugs[]