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There are several characters that the player can meet while playing The Jedi Masters Mod

The Player[]

The Player character – Doctor – is the protagonist of The Jedi Masters Mod. They have a key role in the whole plot and the ending of the story depends on their actions.

All the possible portaits of Doctor


Main companions[]

Character Class Side of the Force Additional Information
PO Tsig


Tech Specialist Light Romanceable character (male only)
PO Conderous


Soldier Neutral
PO Shadow


Scout Neutral Romanceable character (female only)
PO Ootataa


Jedi Consular Light
PO Kannos


Soldier Neutral Isn't available after completing Revan's Last Known Location


Combat Droid Dark
PO Bastila

Bastila Shan

Jedi Sentinel Light
PO Revan


Jedi Consular Neutral/Dark Initially neutral, can be turned Dark at the end of the game
PO Exile

Meetra Surik (The Exile)

Jedi Guardian Light
PO Kreia


Jedi Consular Neutral As a companion only available in Revan's Last Known Location
PO Niilus

Darth Nihilus

Sith Lord Dark Optional. Can replace Meetra Surik while doing Freedon Nadd questline


Apprentices are optional companions. You can only pick two of five possible characters. All apprentices have a Side of the Force set by the game and do not change it under any circumstances.

Portrait Class Side of the Force Additional Information
PO Boran


Jedi Sentinel Neutral Romanceable character (female only)
PO Thassk


Jedi Guardian Light Has some personal lore phrases only if taken as an apprentice.
PO Lolma


Jedi Sentinel Light
  • The player can read the Sith Code or the Jedi Code to Lolma but it will not change her side of the Force.
  • Romanceable character (male only)
PO Gellen


Jedi Consular Light Has no additional phrases if taken as an apprentice
PO Rimi

Rimi Sunrider (Darth Vimack)

Jedi Guardian Dark Belongs tp the Dark Side of the Force even if the player finishes her quest on the Light Side.


Jedi Masters[]

  • Revan
  • Bastila Shan
  • Meetra Surik / The Exile
  • Mulak Ton (2.0 version only)
  • Thon
  • Celeste Morne
  • Mira
  • Atton Rand
  • Mallawarr (2.0 version only)
  • Vima Sunrider
  • Yuthura Ban
  • Deesra Luur Jada
  • Mical
  • Q'Anilia (1.0 version only)

The Villains[]

Other notable characters[]

  • Supreme Chancellor Cressa
  • HK-1000
  • Colonel Grenn
  • Shenna Rand (romanceable character; male only)
  • Grand Admiral Carth Onasi
  • Freedon Nadd
  • Ulic Qel-Droma
  • T3-M4
  • HK-55
  • Queen Talia
  • Admiral Dodonna