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Credits are devoted to all the people who have contributed to the development of the Jedi Masters Mod. The original upload of the mod was in 2011-2012 on (the site is currently shutted down). The article collects all the possible information about the developers, voice actors and beta testers of the mod by making references.


There are next markings for the mod developers:

  • Green – reference is found and is fully accurate
  • Yellow – reference is found, but there is no certanity in its accuracy
  • Red – no reference is found

Mod Developers[]

Mod creator[]

  • GTrex (or Trex) – the lead developer and the creator of the Jedi Masters Mod. He is also responsible for the story and the script of the game[1]

Other developers[]

  • Khrizby – the creator of HK-1000 model[2]
  • newbiemodder – the creator of HK-1000 model[3]
  • d3sd0 – the creator of the Jedi Masters Logo[4]
  • Hunter's Run – the creator of the Revan's flowing robes[5]
  • Brian Ching – the creator of the Revan's image in the Main menu[6]
  • Madaboutgames[7]
  • skynet3020
  • Simon-3D
  • Fair Strides 2 – the beta-tester[8]
  • LDR – the beta-tester[9]
  • Logan23[10]
  • tk102[11][12]
  • Quanon[13]
  • darth333[14][15]

Voice Actors[]

  • Gavaroc Fevinor – Revan[16]
  • Edwyn Tiong – Kannos, HK-47[17]
  • Ashely Kalfas – Tsig, Queen Talla[18]
  • Fryda Wolff – Bastila Shan[19]
  • Zhaboka – Shadow, Scruffy, Iridonian Lieutenant, Mayor's Candidate[20][21]
  • Steven Carr – Canderous Ordo[22]
  • Judy Greenberg – Kreia
  • Abby Elvidge – The Exile, Vima Sunrider, Celeste Morne, Senate Receptionist, Dodonna, Female Passengers, Teachers, Shenna Rand[23][24][25]
  • April Sadowski – Rimi Sunrider, Darth Vimack[26]
  • Sith Holocron – Malon Bor, Janacks Engineer, Mayor's Candidate 2[27][28]
  • Justin Torres – Atton Rand, Mical, Aid Station Doctors, Senate Guards, Czerka Mercenary, Gary the Greeter, Mutanda Workers, Lenny Brunt, Etti Citizens, Janacks Soldiers, Durden, Boran[29]
  • Bruce Bailey Johnson – General Grenn, Mulak Ton, Mayor's Candidate, Onderon Announcer, Dak, Iridonian Mercenary, Valek Taluka, Mutanda Merchant, Etti Administrator, Nadd Worshipper[30][31]
  • Owen Seto – Carth Onasi
  • TMandoo – Republic Soldiers
  • Rebekah Carey – Mira[32]
  • Pal Anderson – Chief Scientist