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"D'Arth Syyth"? Are you just making words up?"
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Ootataa - a Force wielder with the power to change his own form. Doctor firstly meets Ootataa in the form of Jawa on Dxun after an unsuccesful attempt to leave Onderon. Some time later Ootataa joins Doctor's Team as the fourth companion among Tsig, Canderous and Shadow.


  • Despite his undoubtedly interesting concept, Ootataa lacks interractions in comparison to other members of Doctor's Team. There is no personal quest for this companion and there are not many moments when this character plays a role in the plot:
    • Helping Doctor on Dxun with the repairing of the Cargo
    • Battling Tainted Storm Beast during "The Final Battle" quest on Coruscant
  • Ootataa's portrait doesn't change when he uses other forms
  • According to his phrases and position on the ship, he is keen at engineering.
  • All the Ootataa's forms have blue and (or) green colors in his appearance