General Revan (formerly known as Darth Revan) is a legendary Jedi/Sith Lord, military general, and the driving force for the first-half of the main-quest in The Jedi Masters mod. He was the Player Character in KoTOR I, and a pivotal plot-device throughout KoTOR II and TJM. He can be found and recruited to the party after obtaining T3-M4 and convincing the droid to give you the coordinates to his location in the Unknown Regions (see the Main Quest walkthrough for more information).

Traits/Trivia: Edit

  • Revan is the only Jedi companion in your crew to come pre-equipped with dual-lightsabers (one purple, and one red). In the 1.0 version, he just has his old red Sith Lightsaber.
  • Revan has a sarcastic edge to several of his dialogue options
  • Revan is roughly sixty years old (by his calculation through dialogue with him)
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