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"D'Arth Syyth"? Are you just making words up?"
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Shadow - a human assassin under HK-47-s command, the third companion of Doctor - the protagonist of the Jedi Masters Mod. Firstly introduced during the diplomatic negotiations of factions on Onderon, where he was trying to capture Kannos - the leader of the Company. After that the player meets Shadow once again on Dxun after an unsuccessful attempt to leave Onderon.


  • Stated as "Assassin" on Onderon. Also has some two-handed weapon instead of his 2 personal swords there.
  • One of the most powerful characters at the start of the mod. He can greately assist in fight against tough beasts on Dxun.
  • According to his dialogue with HK-47, he would like to kill Kannos instead of capturing him.
  • For some reason stated as "Mandalorian Warrior" in a message log of his dialogue with HK-47 on Onderon.