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"D'Arth Syyth"? Are you just making words up?"
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Tsig - a human tech specialist, the first companion of Doctor - the main protagonist of the Jedi Masters Mod. Firstly introduced at the beginning of the game, when the player is travelling to the diplomatic negotiations of the factions on Onderon. She is Doctor's personal assistant for over 2 years (at the time of the mod) according to her phrases.


Before coming into the Doctor's employ, Tsig was once an experimental patient for Czerka Corp. She was part of a clandestine operation to create fake Jedi, as most Jedi were scattered and gone around the events of the story. Enhanced with many implants to mimic Jedi abilities, Tsig was one such prospect among many. However, the project was deemed a failure and Tsig was left with few options after escaping Czerka.


  • Tsig is a specialist in tech skills and unarmed combat. Slicing and hacking consoles will be her specialty when locked caches are found. Leveling her Dexterity will also allow her to use Stealth.
  • Tsig has the biggest amount of skill points among other characters. Sometimes it is impossible to spend them all.
  • Tsig is a potential love interest for the male Doctor.